Monster School Parkour Challenge

Monster School Parkour Challenge tests your skills with 8 challenging parkour levels. How many parkour games have you ever played? This is one of the cool games for 2 players at 2player games. However, you can enjoy it alone. Every single level requires you to lead 2 characters to the finish line. Once when 2 characters reach the exit at the same time, the level is clear. If one of them dies on the way, you have to restart that level.

The game is simply about performing parkour moves. You jump your way through all obstacles to reach the exit safely. When a character stays still, the other one can’t move forward and each character has only one life. You can earn extra lives for them. That’s why you should move carefully and time your jump to avoid failure.

In some games for 2 players at, you can lead characters one by one to the final destination but here, you can’t lead one to the exit and leave another one behind. They don’t need to move at once but they need to wait for each other, so both of them can advance. There are only 8 levels but the challenging level will increase as you level up. You will need a lot of time to clear each stage. It’s not easy to reach your goal with such challenging gameplay like this. How much time will you need to beat 8 challenges?

Remember that before starting the game, you can choose your favorite monster from several options. Enjoy your gaming time here and don’t forget that on our site, tons of games are waiting for you to discover. Some of them are Nightmare Runners and BoomCraft.

Who developer game? Monster School Parkour Challenge was developed by emolingo games.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses WASD to move and player 2 uses arrow keys to move.