Ultimate Robo Duel 3D

What do you find in a cool fighter game? Cool graphics? Awesome gameplay? Easy controls? Several game modes? Well, Ultimate Robo Duel 3D has them all and you can play it along with tons of games for free at 2PlayerGames.Games. Here, you have three game modes to enjoy including Battle, 2-player where you can compete against your friend on the same device, and Career Mode with 23 stages with increasing difficulty levels. Your main objective in 3 modes is the same.

However, in Career mode, you have to win the current level to unlock the next one. Besides, you will face a boss in the later levels while in Battle Mode and 2-player mode, you have to win two 2 rounds to become the winner. Your robot can punch or kick the opponent or use special attacks and even shoot him. The key to winning is to combine well between attack and defense.

You have to time your action to attack the target effectively and block the opponent’s attack just like in other fighter games at 2 Player Games. When you get one hit by your opponent, there is a high chance that you will be attacked in a row. Your opponent will take advantage of the moment you fall to knock out you. Watch out for his special attacks. These special attacks can help you defeat your opponent easily and quickly and they also can help your opponent to knock out you at ease. Don’t forget to unlock new robots in the store to form a strong team of fighting robots. Enjoy your time here and in other fun games such as Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up

Who developer game? Ultimate Robo Duel 3D was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

PLAYER 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Punch: "F, G" Special Hit: "H" Bullet: "T" Kick: "C,V" Grab Move: "B"

PLAYER 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Punch: "U, I" Special Hit: "O" Bullet: "M" Kick: "J, K" Grab Move: "L"