Drive Dead 3D

If you are looking for something super fun, super simple, and super fast to play at 2player games, Drive Dead 3D is for you. It’s a fast-paced action-packed crash arena car game in which your ultimate goal is to crash your opponent’s car to win. There are 5 rounds in total and you have to win 5 times to get the victory instead of winning 3 out of 5. Everything is super simple and easy from gameplay to controls.

You control a red car on the right side and your opponent controls a blue car on the left side. When the timer counts from 3 to 0, you drive your car forward and try to smash your opponent. Destroy his car, make his car explode and you will be the winner. Watch out for deadly obstacles appearing on each round such as spinning sharp wheels, moving platforms, cliffs, and so on. If you hit those obstacles, you also lose.

This is another game offering 2 game modes at 2 player car games. You can compete against the CPU or your friend on the same computer. When the battle begins, you have no choice of evasion and defense. The only thing you can do is rush toward your opponent in hopes of crushing his car. It’s not up to your driving skills. It mostly bases on your luck and your reflexes. Sometimes, you may win or lose without noticing. It sounds crazy but yes, it does. Just give it a try and you will know the reason why soon. Good luck and have a great time here. Make sure you explore more games on our site such as Steve Alex Drive and Pixel Kart.

Who developer game? Drive Dead 3D was developed by Hihoy.

Instruction to play:

1 Player mode: Uses left/right arrow keys.

2 Player mode: Blue Rider uses AD and Red Rider uses left/right arrow keys.