Cut The Rope 2

In Cut the Rope 2, all of Om Nom’s candy breaks are taken out in the wilderness! That’s right, he’s winding his way through a forest path, surrounded by pretty flowers, bushes, trees and mountains. Every so often, he stops for some candy. Snip the ropes, get the stars, and make sure that candy lands in Om Nom’s mouth! 

Your objective may not have changed in this Cut the Rope 2 game, but how you achieve it certainly has. That’s right, we’re dealing with much more than ropes now. You will have to pop balloons (or snip the ropes attached to them), navigate floating platforms, and even roll lumbering logs out of your way in order to get to Om Nom! 

So you are wondering if there are any other interesting games like this, the answer is yes and 2 of the best options for you are Roller Splat! and Cannon Balls at 


Instruction to play: