Drac & Franc

Drac & Franc is the latest 2 player adventure games for 2 players. It’s about an exciting labyrinth-exploring journey of Dracula and Frankenstein. They are BFFs and they are going to discover a mysterious labyrinth together to collect gems, potions, and screws, and they want you to aid them. Get ready because you guys will deal with a lot of dangers in the labyrinth. You can play this game with your friend on the same device or control 2 characters by yourself. Two characters don't need to move at the same time but they need to work with each other to go through the obstacles.

For example, to reach high platforms, Dracula can jump on Frankenstein’s head. Each character has their own unique skills and when you can combine and make use of those skills, nothing can stop you guys from clearing the mission. In each level, Dracula and Frankenstein have to reach the exit to move to the next level and the game doesn’t require they go to the exit at once.

And of course, like other level-based games at 2 player online games, the challenging level increases as you level up. You need to use logic and take accurate moves to clear the level. If one of them dies on the way, you fail, and restarting that level is what you have to do next. There is no limited time at all. However, try your best to complete each level as fast as you can. Because it’s a game for 2 players, it’s much more enjoyable to embark on an adventure with your friend and do the mission as a team. If you don’t believe that, try it. Have a great adventure and you can start a new one in other games such as Blockman Climb and Pixi Steve Alex Herobrine.

Who developer game? Brullworfel lab. developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Dracula uses WASD to move and Frankenstein uses arrow keys to move.