Craft Punch

Who will punch more zombies? You or AI or your friend? Craft Punch takes you to the beautiful blocky world that is the same as Minecraft. However, instead of collecting materials to build or craft something, you will take part in a zombie-punching competition. In that competition, your ultimate target is to punch zombies to get higher scores than your opponent within 90 seconds. With a successful hit, you get 1 point. If you punch zombies first several times in a row, you will get extra points. However, if you hit Steve, you will lose 20 points.

Sometimes, a special zombie will appear and he will stand still for you to punch non-stop. You can turn the tile with that zombie. Keep in mind the rule of the game: hit zombies but never hit Steve. Each boxer stands on one side of the screen and zombies as well as Steve will pop up in between. Quickly hit the targets first to get points. Your hand-eye coordination and reaction will be tested.

Who will get more points? The tip to becoming the winner is to time your action. Do not punch randomly. Do not punch non-stop. Just take action when the zombies appear because Steve will pop up without warning. If you punch Steve two times, even 10 special zombies can’t save you from losing. That’s why you should be careful. Compete against AI or your friend.

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Who developer game? FBK developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses AD or mouse.

Player 2 uses left/right arrow keys or mouse.