Parrot Simulator

Parrot Simulator is action game for kids which is playable on 2play games.

Try to live the life of a parrot. Your parrot starts small and weak on a large tropical island.

To survive, the parrot will need to look for food and defend itself from various predators that will chase it in the air and on the ground.

Explore different game locations and develop your flock of parrots in the new simulator of a parrot flock life! Explore different game locations.

 Develop your flock of parrots. Finish missions. Upgrade characters and home.

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Instruction to play:

W, A, S, D or ←↑→↓ arrows - moveSpace bar - take offE - jump/fly upQ - fly downLeft mouse button - attackH - hide interfaceL - lock/unlock cursorGamepad support!