Tank Wars 2

Tank Wars is a must-played game that you should check out at 2 player game. Why? Because it will keep you hooked because of so many features such as several modes, different weapons, unique gameplay, and more. Get ready for the most epic war of tanks ever. Plan your move and have a strategy to shoot and make your opposing tank explode.

In the beginning, you have 3 different weapons to shoot at your target. You can switch between them before each turn of yours. And to shoot right at the enemy, you have to adjust the power and angle of each shot at the perfect level. With some weapons, you just shoot them randomly and your enemy always gets shot. The match ends when one of your runs out of HP. The ground will drop after each explosion. That makes it harder to attack your enemy and that also can help you safe from your enemy.

Here at 2playergames.games, if you win, you will get some coins. And you can use coins to go to the Skin shop and beautify your tank with different skins. You can also go shopping at Gun shop which sells a wide range of weapons for you to choose from including Rocket, Triple strike, Rocket path, Penetrating projectile, Air attack, Rain of grenades, Chaotic explosion, Poison projectile, Minefield, and Unicorn fall.

Each type of weapon has different damage power. The higher the damage, the higher the price of the weapon. Of course, you can move the tank around to come close to your enemy or move back to keep your distance. That’s all about this cool game. Enjoy your free time here and don’t forget to check out other awesome options such as Castel Wars New Era and Metal Army War Revenge.

Who developer game? Tank Wars 2 was developed by JetGames.

Instruction to play:

Choose the mode: against the computer or with a friend. Earn coins and buy tanks! Arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot.