Tank Struggle

Tank Struggle is a super addicting tank battling game for 2 players at 2playergames. While in some 2 player games, you can control two characters by yourself and still have fun, you have to play this game with one of your friends. Each of you controls a tank and your main objective is to destroy the opponent’s tank. Before entering the battlefield, you can set how long a battle will go on from 1 to 99.

If you choose 5, it means you have to reach 5 points first to win. And to earn one point, you have to kill your opponent or kill yourself. Yes, you can take your own life by accident. You reach the target and shoot it while you have to run away quickly to avoid killing yourself. You can see something appear on the map occasionally. They are power-ups. Pick them up whenever you can because these items will bring you great advantages.

This 2 player shooting games has a simple design and gameplay but it will keep you hooked for hours, especially when you play this game with your friend. Are you confident to blow up your enemy? Don't focus too much on attack, pay attention to defense. Cover yourself when you get attacked. And after you shoot or drop a bomb at the target, leave the area for your own safety.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the hot battles. Find out who is the best tank commander here. You or your friend? Enjoy your spare time here and don’t forget to explore our game collection in general and the following options in particular Tank War Ice Age and Tank Wars 2.

Who developer game? Tank Struggle was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses WASD to move and G to shoot.

Player 2 uses arrow keys to move and K to shoot.