Huggy Army Commander

Huggy Army Commander is an attractive action game that puts you in the shoe of a commander. Here at, your main role is to lead your army to defeat Huggy Wuggy’s army. You won’t directly join the battle but command soldiers, tanks, and so on to move toward the enemy and shoot them. You can see different areas on the battlefield. In the beginning, you have only a few soldiers. When they are assembled and ready to fight, you move and step in the battle button to command them to reach the enemies and kill them.

When an enemy dies, a gold military badge will appear and if your soldier dies, a silver military badge will appear. You need to collect them all because they are used to unlock more camps, tanks, and other fighting vehicles. In the first level, the battle has only one round but in the second level, a battle has several rounds and you have to win all the battles to advance. Otherwise, you have to play that level once over again.

In this 2 player games unblocked, as a commander, you have a gun but you can’t attack enemies. When you go there to collect badges, you will get shot and lose HP. Make sure you turn back and run straight to the healing area to recover your HP before it’s too late. When all enemies are shot down, you can replace the enemy’s flag with yours to show who the winner is. As you level up, the battle becomes harder to win. Get ready to deal with the strongest enemies ever in later levels. Good luck and enjoy more games such as Tank Bros Adventure and Zombie Mission 12

Who developer game? Huggy Army Commander was developed by

Instruction to play:

Tap to play.