Red and Green Candy Forest

Red and Green Candy Forest is the latest episode of the Red and Green series that you can play for free at 2 player games free. Here, you can play alone in 1-player mode or accompany your friend on an adventure for 2 in 2-player mode. Your ultimate objective is to collect 1 or 2 keys depending on the mode you choose to play, then run toward the door at the end of each level.

If you play 1-player mode, you collect only 1 key and reach only one door. If you play 2-player mode with your friend, each of you will collect one key and head to the door that has a similar color to each of you. For example, the green character collects the green key and reaches the green door. If you guys come to the wrong door, that level isn’t complete yet. The game ends only when you die because you fall into gaps or hit any obstacles out there.

Your submission in this is to pick up all candies. By collecting sweets, you will earn scores. However, you don’t have to collect every single candy in your adventure. To clear a level, you just need to pick up the key and reach the door. That’s it. Get ready to run through 20 exciting and challenging levels. And of course, the difficulty won’t be the same from level 1 to the final level.

It will increase a little bit as you level up. Besides, you have only 60 seconds to finish each mission. If time runs out and you haven’t collected the key and reached the door yet, you have to start over. Have fun and enjoy more games on our site. Some of the best options for you are Blue and Red İmpostor and Miner GokartCraft - 4 Player.

Who developer game? Red and Green Candy Forest was developed by FBK.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses Arrow keys and Player 2 used WASD.