Zombie Mission 2

You may think that zombies are defeated and people will live in peace and happiness but the truth is zombies are back and more and more zombies appear. More and more humans are kidnapped. You and your friend are zombie hunters. You guys will take responsibility to defeat zombies and rescue humans once again in Zombie Mission 2 – the second sequel of the popular zombie game series Zombie Mission.

This 2player shooting games also offers 16 levels as the first sequel and each level requires you to collect a specific number of survivors and floppy disks. You can cooperate with your friend to clear the mission or do it by yourself. There are 2 characters but they don’t have to move or reach the finish line at the same time. You can control them one by one. To clear a level, all survivors need to be saved and all disks need to be collected. Also, two characters need to reach the door. However, you don’t have to kill all zombies. Be well-prepared because zombies become smarter and they protect their place with more deadly traps.

Each time you guys get shot by zombies or crash into the obstacles, you guys will lose some HP and you can collect blood to recover your HP. Besides blood, you can also collect different weapons to use and you can switch weapons whenever you want. The difficulty of the mission increases as you go deeper into the zombies’ place. Break a leg and try to clear this mission as fast as possible, so you can start new missions in other series games at 2player such as Zombie Mission I and Zombie Mission 12.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

The boy uses arrow keys to move, L to hit/shoot, K for grenade and U to switch weapons.

The girl uses WASD to move, F to hit/shoot, and Q to switch weapons.