Billiard Neon

Billiard Neon is finally available at 2playergame. With enjoyable gameplay, beautiful graphics, and two game modes, you are sure to have a great gaming time here. As mentioned previously, you can compete against the CPU or your friend on the same computer. Your main goal is to pocket 8 balls into the hold first to win. You and your opponent will be assigned to pocket the solid color balls or stripe balls to the holes. Watch out for the 8 ball. If you pocket that ball into the hole, you lose the game. Yes, one important rule that you have to keep in mind is that you have to pocket all the balls and the ball with number 8 as the last ball. Each time you pocket a ball into the hole, you will have another turn.

This 2 player sports games doesn’t set a limited time for each match. However, you have to aim and pocket the ball as fast as you can because the strength of the shot will decrease over time. Look at the bar on the right side of the screen. It shows you how much time and how much strength you have to aim and target the striker to pocket the balls. If you pocket your opponent’s balls into the hole, it means you help him. And if your opponent pockets your balls into the hole, you get advantages. Competing against the CPU is fun but playing billiards with your friend is much more enjoyable.

Even if you don’t know how to play billards, don’t worry. Just try and you will know the rules and control mechanics right away. Good luck. Don’t forget to explore other exciting games on our site. Some of the best choices for you are 3D Billiard Piramid and Pro Billiards

Who developer game? Billiard Neon was developed by magnificstudios.

Instruction to play:

Mouse or tap to play.