Do you miss Alex and Steve from the magic world of blocks? They are back in another cool game at 2playergame unblocked called NoobWars. This time, they won’t embark on an adventure together. Instead, they are fighting. They are standing in their front yard and throwing blocks at each other. It sounds fun. Do you want to join this fight? Here, you will in Steve’s team and fight against Alex who may be controlled by CPU or your friend.

Yes, you can enjoy this game with your friend on the same device. Your ultimate objective is to throw blocks at Alex until he runs out of HP. Then, you will be the winner. To throw a block right at Alex, you have to adjust the throwing force and watch out for the wind. The wind will affect each throw. It’s a turn-based battle. So you guys will take your turn to attack while you can’t dodge the attack. Both Alex and Steve stand still. When your opponent attacks, the only thing can do is pray for yourself.

This 2 player action game offers 3 power-ups to help you defeat your opponent easier. One makes you throw more powerfully. One increases the size of the block and the last one increases the damage. Each item can only be used once. Use them at the right moment to beat your opponent quickly. At first, you may have a bad feeling in terms of throwing but over time, everything will be better. Your skills will be improved and your throw will be more and more accurate. Have a great gaming time with Steve and Alex, and you may meet them again in upcoming games. Enjoy it and other games such as Axe of Janissary and Spear of Janissary.

Who developer game? NoobWars was developed by VIVI.

Instruction to play:

Play with computer: 

- Pressing E - Power Adjust Release E - Shot with adjusted power.

Play with 2 player:

- Noob Steve: Pressing E - Power Adjust Release E - Shot with adjusted power.

- Noob Alex: Pressing O - Power Adjust Release O - Shot with adjusted power.