Spear of Janissary

Spear of Janissary is a great spear-throwing game in which you play as a brave warrior with no fear. Here at 2 player games, your ultimate goal is to throw the spear at the moving targets. There are 2 game modes here including 1-player mode and 2-player mode. In 1-player mode, your main goal is to throw at as many targets as possible. If you miss the target 3 times, the wrecking ball above will drop. In 2-player mode, you will compete against your friend. Instead of throwing spears at each other, you have to throw spears at the opponent’s targets and your opponent will throw spears at your targets.

The player destroys 5 targets first is the winner. If you throw at your targets, with each target, you give your opponent 1 point. The wind affects your throw. Watch out for wind direction to get the most accurate throw. You should play 1-player mode before entering 2-player mode because you can practice there to get used to the gameplay, and controls as well as improve your skills.

This 2 player action games also offers some power-ups that help you to reach your goal faster and easier. For example, there is a power-up that makes the target freeze. Because the target always moves up and down, then you will find it much easier to throw at it when it stays still. To have those special items, you have to throw spears at them. Be quick because they will disappear after a few seconds. The single-player mode is great but the 2 player mode is even more attractive. It’s enjoyable to witness your friend being defeated and his character being crushed by the iron ball. Enjoy your time here and in other games such as Minicraft Duello and Stickman Fighting 2 Player.

Who developer game? Spear of Janissary was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

 W and up arrow keys. Touch controls