Axe of Janissary

Axe of Janissary is an exciting and competitive axe-throwing game. This is one of the best games for 2 players at 2 player online games, even though you can play it alone. Here, your main objective is to defeat your opponent and you do it by throwing axes at him. Each character stands on a moving platform and you guys will take turns to attack. When you have an axe in your hand, don’t hesitate to throw it at your opponent. And when it's your opponent's turn to attack, pray that you won’t get hit.

When two characters finish attacking, their axes will be back to them. To win, you have to reach 5 points first. You can get hit by your own axe or by your opponent’s axe. It's too hard to beat an opponent when both are standing still already but here, two characters are moving non-stop. Besides, between them is the obstacles. These obstacles can make your axe go in the wrong direction.

Here at 2 player action games, try your best to aim and throw accurately. At first, it may be hard to have a successful throw, but if you spend time playing and practicing, nothing can stop you from defeating your opponent. Find the perfect angle and throw the axe with just the right amount of force at the ideal moment to damage your opponent. Both of you guys can’t dodge the attack. It doesn’t only depend on your skills but also on your luck to beat your opponent. Can you hit your opponent 5 times in a row? It seems to be impossible but why not? Check it out now and make sure you explore other games such as Spear of Janissary and Stickman Fighting 2 Player.

Who developer game? Axe of Janissary was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

If playing on desktop: Player 1: "W" Player 2: "UP ARROW".

If playing mobile, use touch controls.