Minicraft Duello

Put your name and choose your favorite skin before you enter the battlefield and blow up your opponent. Minicraft Duello is finally available at 2playergame. Get ready for something exploding. This is another game for two players here. It means, to enjoy the game, you have to play it with someone else on the same device. Each of you csssssss a character and to become the winner, you have to defeat your opponent 3 times.

The gameplay and controls are simple. You don’t need to spend your time practicing to get used to them. All you need to do to damage your opponent is throw TNTs at him. The TNT will explode after about 2 seconds you throw it. In those few seconds, it’s enough for you and your opponent as well to run away if you guys are fast enough. If you get damaged, you lose some health points and when the HP bar above you goes empty, you die.

Here at, do you see a wooden box randomly and suddenly appears on the map? Blow it up and you can pick up some special items that slow your opponent, increase your speed, increase bomb power, or increase bomb speed. This game offers 2 different maps. In each map, you can find some objects to hide and avoid explosions.

If you have any chance to surround your opponent in the corner, don’t miss that. By the way, don’t let him apply that tactic to deal with you. Good luck and you are sure to have a great gaming time here as well as in other games such as TNTcraft and Super Raccoon World.

Who developer game? Minicraft Duello was developed by emolingo games.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: uses WASD to move and R to throw a TNT.

Player 2: uses arrow keys to move and P to throw a TNT.