Cat Chef vs Fruits - 2 Player

Cat Chef vs Fruits - 2 Player is an addicting escape game about the escaping journey of Broccoli and Avocado. Here at 2 player games online free, the chef is going to cook something with avocado and broccoli. Instead of helping the chef do his job, your ultimate goal is to help Avocado and Broccoli escape from the chef. Once they reach the fridge and hide in there, your mission is complete and you can move to the next level.

This is a game for 2 players but you can control both characters at the same time, even though it’s insanely challenging. You will find it more challenging when playing alone than playing with your friend. Why? Because Avocado and Broccoli are not only being chased by the chef but also being threatened by enemies in the kitchen. They have to jump over enemies and a lot of obstacles. If one of them is caught by the chef or hits an enemy or an obstacle, they will get chopped. It means you fail and you have to restart that level.

This doesn’t offer any power-ups to help you reach the goal easier. Besides, there is no way to kill cookie monsters. The only way to keep Avocado and Broccoli safe from them is to jump over them. The teamwork of 2 players plays an important role to finish each level. If you play alone, you may have to replay a level several times before you can conquer it. Enjoy your free time here and you are sure to have an amazing gaming experience in other games such as Try to survive 2 player and HuggyBros Christmas.

Who developer game? Cat Chef vs Fruits - 2 Player was developed by FBK.

Instruction to play:

*Broccoli "W+D" moves with keys.

*Avocado "Arrow Keys" moves with keys.

*Double Jump available.

*Mobile Touch Control.