Fighting Club 2

Fight Club series continues with the second episode called Fighting Club 2. Are you ready to knock down every single opponent here? The same as the Fight Club first episode, your ultimate objective is to become the winner in each match by punching and kicking your opponent. Fight until your opponent can’t stand anymore. In this brutal 2playergame fighting game, you won’t participate in a fighting club and learn how to fight there. Instead, you deal with an opponent in each round. You and your opponent have a bar of HP. The one who runs out of HP first is the loser. 

In any fighting game, the key to winning is a combination of attack and defense like as Stick Fighter 3D. You have to attack your opponent at the right time to damage him while blocking his attack. Your opponent also tries his best to block your attack. In the 1-player game, you will face a fighter driven by AI. It’s not easy to win against an AI opponent because it seems that y our every move will be guessed. Besides, as you advance, your rivals become stronger and stronger. 

In 2-player game mode, your opponent is your friend. You guys will fight against each other on the same device. Each controls a fighter. The game allows you to choose a fighter from several options before each match. So, pick your favorite one. Remember that they are the same in strength. At first, you may be at a disadvantage but after a few matches, your skills will improve and you will find it easier to knock down your opponent.

Which game is similar to this fighting game?

Squid Fighter

Shadow Fights

SuperHero Fighters

Paper Fighter 3D

Fire vs Water Fights

Who developer game?

Trash Unlimited developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses WASD to move, G to punch, H to kick, and Space to block.

Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, Num 1 to punch, Num 2 to kick, and Num 0 to block.