Lamborghini Parking 3

Lamborghini Parking 3 is a free online racing game played on two player games for boys. Parking a high-end car precisely demands a high level of control. Care to take the challenge? We came back today because we needed a place to leave our fancy automobile. At the outset of play. Individuals, couples, and families all fit into these categories. Put your high-end automobile neatly into its parking spot. Put your hands away from the rest of the stuff. The mobile version of this game is available. On the mobile device, you can't play with more than one person at once.

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Who developer game? Lamborghini Parking 3 was developed by JansonZhai.

Instruction to play:

P1 can press "W", "s", "a" and "d" to operate the vehicle movement, and "space" to brake,

P2 can press the "left", "right", "up" and "down" keys to operate the vehicle movement, and the keypad "1" brakes,

P3 press "I", "K", "J" and "L" to operate the vehicle movement, and the keypad "[" brakes.