4 Games For 2 Players

It’s not easy to pick an exciting online arcade game for 2 players, isn’t it? If you’re seeking a game that you can enjoy with your friend on the same computer, you have come to the right address. Here at 2playergame online, we specialize in offering hand-picked games for 2 players and 4 Games For 2 Players is one of the latest addition on our site. As its title, you and your friend can compete against each other in 4 different games. They are not games about teamwork. You can challenge your friend in an endless running and jumping game, in 2 tank battling games, or in a soccer game.

In the endless running and jumping game, the screen will be split into two parts. Each of you controls a character to jump over the obstacle. The one who runs farther is the winner. If you hit an obstacle, the game ends there like as Blumgi Slime. Two tank games have different gameplay.

In the first tank game, you can control your tank to move around and shoot at your opponent while in the second one, the tank stands still while its cannon keeps spinning. You have to time each shot to kill your opponent and you have 120 seconds to do it.

In the soccer game, your character plays as a striker and a goalkeeper. Your ultimate goal is to score 5 goals first to win a match. All these games are enjoyable and competitive. Interestingly, all the games are available to play. It means you don’t have to reach any goals or collect any items to unlock them. Have a great gaming time here and check out the following suggestions Glowit - Two Players.


Game1 - W and up arrow key. Game2 – WASD and arrow keys. Game3 – W and up arrow key. Game4 – WASD and arrow keys.

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