Catapult Of Janissary

Catapult Of Janissary is the latest sequel of the Janissary that you can find at Action Games. Each Janissary game has different gameplay and belongs to a different genre. This time, you will battle against your opponent with a catapult. The winner will get a castle. Do you have what it takes to defeat him? Get your catapult ready and fire. 

Your main objective is to score 2 points more than your opponent to win a round. So, you just need to adjust the angle and speed of the catapult to fire stones at your enemies. You won’t know exactly where is your enemy and neither does he, it's like Castel Wars Middle Ages game with similar gameplay.. The game shows your positions of two of you only once right after the match starts. Make use of that chance to estimate the distance between you and the target to get the best shots. It’s ok if you miss a shot. You can rely on that shot to make a better shot after that. The wind also affects your shot. 

Take your time to aim and adjust the speed of each shot. If you pull the catapult with too much force, the stone will fly far away. If you pull the catapult with too little force, you can’t reach your target. How to choose the right angle of force is a challenge. You can completely practice this skill in a similar game called Spear of Janissary. During the battle, you can collect some power-ups such as Smart, Ghost, Bombs, and so on. These items will help you win easier.

This 2player battle game offers 2 game modes. You can compete against AI or your friend on the same device. Good luck to you and don’t forget to check out other fun games on our site such as Axe of Janissary and Arena Of Janissary.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

If playing on PC: Use "MOUSE" and "LEFT-CLICK".

If playing on mobile device/Tablet: Use screen touch controls.