Diggerz.io is a magnificent battle-royale style game involving digging and building. Diggerz.io on 2player games has attractive graphic design in retro and pixelated style but the gameplay is chaotic, fast-paced and funny. Your task is to control a single character and you have the ability to dig blocks or build blocks. Dig underground to create a tunnel to creep up on your enemies. 

Alternatively, place blocks on the ground to create barriers to stairs to prevent your opponents from reaching you. This is the ultimate game of cat and mouse but with digging and explosives! You are given a set of different weapons and you can pick up new varieties too. Do you dare to stand up to fight for victory, join Diggerz. io now.

This special game is for all ages with a relaxing hobby in their free time. What are you waiting for without starting to win all the levels with the shortest time and defeating all your opponents? We also introduce players to similar games with this game like Rugby .io Ball Mayhem and CrazyJump .io at www.2playergames.games. You will love that world.

Instruction to play:

  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • Left click to attack or dig
  • W or up arrow or space bar to jump