Janissary Battles

Two janissaries are back in another action-packed game called Janissary Battles, published on 2player games. This time, what type of weapons will they use to battle against each other? Well, you may be surprised. If you have played other episodes of this series before, you know that they use a specific weapon to try to kill each other, don’t you? They used a gun, axe, spears, and so on in those games. Here, you will use all of them including arrow, axe, sword, mace, arena, spear, catapult, and gun. 

Yes, it’s just like an 8-in-1 game where you can use different weapons to defeat your rival and of course, like other 2player games, this game is only fun when you confront your friend on the same device. You can’t enjoy it alone because if you do, there is no competitiveness. As mentioned previously, there are 8 mini-games and in each mini-game, you use a weapon to defeat your enemy. The mini-game will be randomly chosen for you. You will find it hard to choose the best mini-games from them. To win, you have to get 5 points first. While waiting, here are some awesome options at Action Games that you should give a try Stick Warrior Hero Battle and Medieval Battle 2P.

Whatever you use, arrow or gun, you need to attack your rival accurately to get points. The success of the attack also depends on the wind. Watch out for the wind to aim and shoot accurately. While battling, you will see some icons appearing between the two of you. They are power-ups that can help you freeze your rival or give you a protective shield. However, to get them, you have to shoot at them. Stay tuned for more games about janissaries that will be added to our site.

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Who developer game?

RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

PLAYER1: "Touch" or "Up Arrow".

PLAYER2: "Touch" or "W".